November has been one of our greatest months yet - we've partnered with DLive, enabling over 5 MILLION DLive users to earn rewards, as well as onboarded over 15 new content creators, featured new games, and made some revisions to bring new features to!

  • Refereum official partnership with DLive: "Enabling Rewards For Over 6 Million Gamers: Refereum x DLive"

Enabling Rewards For Over 6 Million Gamers: Refereum x DLive
We’ve partnered with DLive to reward over 5 MILLION+ DLive gamers and 1 MILLION+ Refereum gamers.
Refereum Partners With DLive, enabling millions of more players to earn on-chain rewards from watching and streaming games · DLive Community
New partnership between Refereum’s 1M+ and DLive’s 5M+ gamers to reward them for creating and watching content. SAN FRANCISCO — November 6th, 2019 — | Press Release · DLive Community
  • Refereum wins Blockchain in Gaming Use Case Award from Disruptor Daily
Refereum Wins Blockchain in Gaming Use Case Awards Hosted by Disruptor Daily
Refereum wins the Blockchain in Gaming Use Case Awards hosted by Disruptor Daily, amongst other gaming blockchain companies such as WAX, Enjin, Dapper Labs, Robot Cache, and many more!
We're extremely proud of this accomplishment! The Blockchain in Gaming Use Case Awards featured extremely talented companies in the blockchain and gaming industry, such as Dapper Labs, Enjin, Robot Cache, WAX, and many more! We're grateful to our wonderful Refereum community for voting for us!
  • We’ve onboarded 15 new content creators in the past month all available at - we now have over 45+ partnered creators in total, working with Refereum to offer rewards to their dedicated communities!

Shoutout to the new creators that have partnered with Refereum in November: SoSoSmooth, SeanHawk, RealSeb, Nerd Nation, LtZonda, KangGaming, Atlas, Shipbroman, Dennako, Elias, BitcoinLouie, Giltsummer5196, Drmitch74, SWIZZL, SValanthelia. With the addition of our new creators, our creators have a combined audience of over 750,000 followers on their respective networks!

  • New featured game hubs: Tides of Magic, Yaga, Robot Cache
  • New website layout and features are now LIVE

  • Cheeze Wizards sharing streak has ended on Twitter (Nov. 12) and we’ve given out 3 Mold Wizards to the winners: @andrewabranches, @maximumentr0py, @devilhasyour6
Winner of 1 of 3 Mold Magicians @devilhasyour6
  • Refereum x Framerate: we're giving away $100 in $RFR weekly to one lucky winner who clips gameplay from their favorite streamer and submits it to the Refereum x Framerate campaign. Read up on how you can win below:
Gamers! Showcase Your Best Plays With Refereum and Framerate
Refereum is taking our core belief that all gamers are influencers up a few(big) notches with Framerate and you. Starting today, gamers will be able tosubmit gameplay clips, tutorials, and highlights posted on Refereum anddistributed as part of our wider marketing campaign powered by gamers and …
Join the #framerate channel on the official Refereum Discord or submit clips to
  • New blogs at Twitchcon and SF Blockchain Week:
Refereum at Twitchcon 2019
Twitchcon 2019 was absolutely amazing! Find out what Refereum has been up to at Twitchcon in our latest blog.
Refereum at SF Blockchain Week 2019
SF Blockchain Week was a great success for Refereum, filled in the San FranciscoMarriott Marquis with over 5,000 attendees, the blockchain ecosystem iscontinuously growing. We’re inspired to keep building the blockchain ecosystemand we can’t wait to see the development of this space at next yea…
  • In the spirit of giving, we’ve added some bonus rewards to some of our lovely creators at! Join their hubs for extra $RFR rewards before they end!

We can’t wait to share upcoming news, events, and partnerships with our community, so be sure to stay connected! For the complete scoop on everything that’s happened in November, check out the Refereum blog and stay connected with us on social media!