Refereum October Review

Read up on the Refereum October Review where we talk about all the developments and updates we've worked on. October includes instant rewards, prize store, partnership with OpenSea and MORE!

Refereum October Review

October has been an exciting month at Refereum! Keep up with everything that we've been working on in our October Review!

  • Instant Rewards have arrived! Earlier this month we introduced the Refereum wallet for all of our users. The wallet provides instant $RFR rewards and withdrawals, and we will continually update the wallet to support more features such as deposits, tipping, and more!

“I'm extremely proud of all the development updates that we've been working on. The Refereum team can’t wait to announce our future partnerships where we can display everything. The wallet and the prize store are the first pieces in a whole puzzle that we can't wait to show"

—Alistair Doulin, CTO

  • Prize store launch AND off chain transactions! We’ve also released the prize store where you’ll be able to purchase game codes and gift cards with $RFR. We’re actively continuing development on the prize store and are planning on implementing more features, rewards, and support for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Partnership with OpenSea! OpenSea is the largest digital marketplace for crypto assets, with over 4,000,000 blockchain assets and 135 titles, the OpenSea marketplace is pivotal in providing support for the digital asset ecosystem. Our latest partnership enables users to purchase blockchain assets for Forgotten Artifacts, Crypto Kitties, and Cheeze Wizards using $RFR. More digital assets will be available for purchase in the future!
Our latest partnership with OpenSea allows you to buy, sell, and trade crypto assetes from blockchain games Cheeze Wizards, Crypto Kitties, and Forgotten Artifacts with $RFR tokens. 
  • We’ve launched Refereum ambassadors! Refereum ambassadors are paid streamers who work closely with Refereum. Ambassadors receive a stipend for streaming featured games, along with awesome perks within the Refereum network. Read our blog post to learn more about becoming a Refereum ambassador.
Become a Refereum Ambassador!Ready to Join, Ambassador?
We’re opening up our applications for the Refereum Ambassador program. If you’re a streamer who is interested in being paid to stream Refereum featured games, apply today!
  • $RFR is available on StealthEx! Swap over 250 different cryptocurrencies for $RFR today!
  • Giveaway system implemented! We’ve implemented a new giveaway system where users can earn points that can be exchanged for tickets. The more tickets you have for a hub, the higher chance you have of winning a reward.
  • Refereum attended Twitchcon! Our Twitchcon wrap-up blog will be coming shortly!
Our CEO, Dylan went to Twitchcon with our Head of Partnerships, Sloane.
  • Cheeze Wizards sharing streak ended! Beginning on October 22nd, and ending on November 12th. To celebrate the launch of Cheeze Wizards, Dapper Lab’s latest game, Cheeze Wizards is giving away THREE Mold Magicians. Mold Magicians can be openly bought, sold, and traded on the OpenSea digital marketplace. Read our latest blog post and compete to win a rare Mold Magician!
Share content of Cheeze Wizards on Twitter tagging @CHZWZRDS and #rfrchallenge for 3 days during the campaign to win a Mold Wizard! Read the complete set of rules in our blog post 
  • We’ve added SIX new game hubs from traditional to blockchain in the past month! Compete in these game hubs to earn exclusive Refereum rewards provided by the companies! Earn points by watching, streaming, and engaging with communities!

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, Grip: Combat Racing, Forgotten Artifacts, Crypto Kitties, Cheeze Wizards, Nine Chronicles, Crypto Sword & Magic

  • We’ve added 6 NEW creator hubs in the past month, along with renewing seasons for some of our current partnered streamers! Check out our awesome new streamers and their rewards. You can earn rewards by engaging with their community by watching streams!

Porta7511, Relapse, THEMARKCANN, Pharticus Maximus, Ziggythaman, Vapin Gamers

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We can’t wait to share upcoming news, events, and partnerships with our community, so be sure to stay connected! For the complete scoop on everything that’s happened in October, check out the Refereum blog and stay connected with us on social media!