We’re giving away $500 in rewards for our latest Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey hub! Five winners will receive $100 in $RFR tokens. The $RFR tokens can now be spent in the Refereum Prize Store (which has recently implemented off-chain transactions) or the OpenSea digital marketplace. As we’re continuing to expand the use case of the $RFR token, we’re excited to continue rewarding our passionate community!

The latest hubs will showcase the beta of our brand new giveaway rewards system. In this format, Refereum users will still earn the same points from all of the quests you're used to seeing (like watching streams). With the raffle-system, users' points will be converted to tickets (where 1 point equals to 1 ticket). Each ticket gives the user one additional chance at winning one of the prizes, so the more points/tickets a users earns, the greater their chance at winning one of the prizes! At the end of the campaign or other designated time period, the winners will receive their rewards if their ticket number is chosen. Each user can only win one prize per contest.