We’ve sent out the Season One RFR earndrop!

Happy Valentine’s day! We have something to ask you… Will you be our Valentine?

We’ve just sent our Season 1 Valentines — the first of many Earndrops! We quadrupled the rewards for our first Season (totaling 16,000,000+ RFR tokens, around $350,000 USD)! If you were in Season 1, and put your ETH address in your Refereum account, you’ll see it in your wallet!

There were over 7,000 Season I participants that received RFR this week, and the rewards will keep coming! Next up is the first Genesis Earndrop to folks who are members of our Genesis Community and also completed our customer survey from a couple of weeks ago. We can’t stop, and we won’t stop, rewarding our community of streamers and gamers.


GIF made by @moseymoses on Discord ❤

The Refereum ecosystem is all about rewards, and this is our total focus. We plan everything around supporting community: streamers, gamers, and you.

We mentioned in our previous blog post that if we had had a token sale, we would have had a small max individual cap based on the number of people on the whitelist. That max cap would have been around $44.

We decided to ensure that everyone who was Silver or above in Season 1 gets at least that amount! If you were Silver or above in Season 1, that means you supported us (and our community) from the beginning, so we increased your award to recognize that.

Here’s how the payouts broke down:

  • Elite: 35,000 RFR to 39 people
  • Diamond: 7,000 RFR to 152 people
  • Gold: 3,500 RFR to 535 people
  • Silver: 2,000 RFR to 4,251 people
  • Bronze: 1,000 RFR to 2,093 people

That’s 14,896,500 RFR to 7,070 people for Season 1 alone!

For the record and your calculations, 1 ETH = 38,180 RFR.

We also sent some more Refereum tokens to some of those people who have gone above and beyond for Refereum, outside of the points system, which brings us to over 16M tokens.

OMG TOKENS! What now?

Redeem your rewards, that’s what! Right now RFR tokens are only redeemable at one place in the Ethereum Blockchain — Refereum.com. You can immediately redeem you RFR tokens for games in our store (and we are adding more and more). You can also always work with us to set up your marketing funnels with RFR tokens.

Soon RFR tokens will be redeemable across the entire blockchain and the rewards will be unlimited! First thing you have to do is add the token to your wallet so you can see how much RFR you’ve got. Follow these instructions.

Couple things you need to know:

  • You have to buy games with MetaMask. If you signed up with MetaMask, awesome!
  • If you signed up with MyEtherWallet, follow these instructions to add that wallet to MetaMask.
  • To buy games, you will need to have a small amount of ETH in the wallet that has RFR in it for now.

Happy Valentine’s day!
With love,

~The Refereum Team