Refereum has A) new trivia game that’s B)uilding engagement for C)ommunities

Refereum has A) new trivia game that’s B)uilding engagement for C)ommunities

The answer is D) all of the above

Refereum is rolling out a new Telegram-based game that directly reward their community with RFR tokens.

By participating in this game, community members in our Telegram group can win tokens through a fun, engaging, and educational trivia bot game. All without ever leaving the app.

Telegram is one of the fastest-growing community tools today and among the most vital in the blockchain world. It can be difficult to keep a Telegram community engaged and interested, especially as user numbers rise.

Refereum hit and had the max limit of users in a group raised three times on Telegram topping out at 100,000 users in the group.

Realizing the challenge of Telegram engagement first-hand, the Refereum team built the Telegram trivia bot. It is a first-of-its-kind message amplification and community reward tool.

Refereum Telegram community members are playing the trivia game now. We have one daily game starting at a random time. So be sure to tune in.

For now, up to 50 Refereum community members can participate simultaneously. There are 10 rounds of questions, we have plans to add more and mix up the questions to keep it interesting and engaging.

It runs on a single-elimination basis and continues through the end of the questions, so the prize could be divided amongst players in the event of a tie.

And where things get really interesting for the players is that moderators can set the prize to be a custom amount of RFR. The trivia bot will automatically collect the winner’s wallet address and distribute the set amount of tokens.

Players can be paid in real tokens instantly for winning trivia bot.

The Refereum Telegram trivia bot is already live.