Refereum is giving away over 50 keys for Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey to streamers over the next two weeks. Stream Ancestors on Twitch or Mixer to win keys to give away to your viewers. The winner of the Ancestors Streaming Hub will receive 10 keys and the top 20 streamers will receive at least one key.

There’s less than two weeks left in the competition so follow these steps to be in the running:

  1. Create an account or login to
  2. Head over to the Ancestors streaming hub and join the competition
  3. Link your Twitch or Mixer account
  4. Start streaming
  5. Win rewards and share with friends and community!

The process is extremely simple and you’ll have access to compete on all streaming competitions upon linking your account. The competition is open to any streamers on Twitch or Mixer who signs up on and join the Ancestors streaming hub. Streamers with the highest viewer hours are eligible to win upwards of 10 digital keys that they can share with their friends and community.

Head over the the Ancestors Streaming hub on Refereum for rules and to join the competition -

About Ancestors

EMBARK on the incredible odyssey of human evolution and begin your journey 10 million years ago in this new adventure from the creator of Assassin's Creed.

EXPLORE Neogene Africa at the dawn of humankind. For every breath-taking view dangers lurk all around.

EXPAND your territory by conquering fear as you explore new lands, and grow your clan to find strength in numbers.

EVOLVE over generations and decide what skills to learn. Choose what knowledge passes to future generations, making every player’s journey unique.