Sign up, earn points, and win amazing Banner Saga 3 rewards powered by Refereum!

Sign up, earn points, and win amazing Banner Saga 3 rewards powered by Refereum!

To celebrate the upcoming Eternal Arena DLC, we’re teaming up with our friends at Stoic to bring you awesome in-game rewards all around Banner Saga 3, the final installment of the EPIC Banner Saga trilogy. Here at Refereum, it’s one of our all-time favorite game series!

If you didn’t know, the Banner Saga Trilogy is an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. Make allies as you travel with your caravan across this stunning yet harsh landscape. Carefully choose those who will help fight a new threat that jeopardizes an entire civilization.

How to unlock Banner Saga Rewards

It’s easy to participate, just head over to and sign-up on their Refereum Engine widget.

By completing actions on the Refereum Engine widget on you will earn points toward your progress and move up the tiers. Each tier has a specific reward which will be made available to you shortly after the promotion ends on December 12th. Remember, these points count towards your Banner Saga 3 rewards only.

Look at all that loot!

Whether you’re new to the series or a huge fan, the Refereum Engine has rewards for you! Let’s take a look at what it takes to get into each tier and what the rewards are:

  • Capable in Combat (80 points): BannerFolk DLC -Banner Saga 3, Steam In-game Item and Wallpaper
  • Wise and Willful (350 points): Petrie Clan Ring, Banner Saga 3, Steam In-game Item
  • Dredge Slayer (2,000 points): Banner Saga 1 Fully-Orchestrated Soundtrack
  • Mover of Suns (4,000 points): Banner Saga 3, Steam In-game Item trio: Holfi’s Custom Carts, Mala Prayer Beads, Heraldry On Start Screen
  • Survivor (Top 10): Kivi, In-game hero for Banner Saga 3 on Steam

You may have noticed that the top tier “Survivor” has a “Top 10” where the points are typically listed. That’s because it’s a battle to the top! The ten best performing reward masters will be announced at the end of the campaign and get the rare Kivi hero! For those of you who weren’t a part of the Pre-order or a Kickstarter, Kivi was only available then…this is the only existing way to recruit Kivi into your lineup of heroes for the main game.

More Ways to Win

During the Banner Saga campaign, you can also score a ton of bonus points to add to your totals for Season 7. Daily quests will be available for streaming and watching the Banner Saga Trilogy. Make sure to check back on every single day to maximize your points!

The fine print

To be eligible for any of the fabulous rewards listed above, you must sign up on the widget at, earn points, and reach the tier before the program ends on December 12. All winnings will be distributed by Stoic after the campaign is complete. You must own Banner Saga 3 to redeem the rewards, outside of the soundtrack in Tier 4. All in-game rewards are Steam rewards, so don’t go asking for a PS4 key on December 13th! As always, to score points towards Refereum Gaming’s Season 7 you need to be signed in on and have Twitch activated on your profile.

If you haven’t signed up for Refereum yet (what’s wrong with you?), sign up on now!