Season 3 ends, and Season 4 begins!

Season 3 ends, and Season 4 begins!

I know we’re all HYPED about HYPE WEEK presented by Fortnite, but we also have to get ready for the launch of Season 4. So let’s get our ducks in a row and share all the dopeness that will be launching when the Season rolls over.

AFK and Rebroadcasting policy

This has been a hot button topic in the community for some time. We had a really open community discussion in Discord and on Twitch in some of our #RefereumReviews. Our goal is to find a solution that’s fair to everyone, and also makes the most business sense as well.

Promotional bonus points and streaming contests will be for live streamers only. AFK streaming and rebroadcasting are not going to be able to participate.

How does this work? If you are AFK or rebroadcasting, you have to add a label denoting it as such in your title, e.g. “AFK”, “Rebroadcast”, etc. When you have the label, you will get 1x points. But as soon as you are live again, and remove the label, you will get bonus points again.

If you are found to be AFK or rebroadcasting without the proper hashtag, you will — at a minimum — be disqualified from Hype Week and earning points in Season 4. And we will be paying attention.

Meme from Zevion on Discord.

Hype Week Bonus Points

Now that we’ve gotten the boring stuff out of the way, let’s move on to bonus points. As you know, when you stream any game that is for sale on, you get 2x points and when you watch aforementioned games you also get 2x points.

So since we’re going H.A.M. with Hype Week, 2x just isn’t enough. If you stream Fortnite during Hype Week, you will not only be climbing the Hype Week leaderboards, you will also be receiving 3x points!!

And since we can’t let the streamers hog all the fun in Hype Week, we will be awarding 4X points for WATCHING FORTNITE STREAMS!! Crazy, right?

Season 4 Prizes

We are constantly trying to improve the experience on We’ve grown the team so we can move faster and make bigger changes, and you’re now seeing the early fruits of that labor with our first Hype Week. We have more quests and fun stuff planned for this season, and beyond.

Since we are focused on adding more ways to earn cash and RFR, we’re going to be adjusting the prize pools a bit.

  • The first change is that we will no longer be awarding The Chosen One. The Chosen One for Season 3 will be the last.
  • We removed the “Joined” tier, so when you join you go straight into Bronze.
  • The Bronze tier will no longer be receiving tokens as prizes. It just doesn’t make sense to send so few tokens to so many people, and since we’re always adding ways to earn points, reaching Silver isn’t that hard.
  • We will be reducing the remaining token pools by 50%.

By reducing the number of people in each tier AND adding more fun ways to earn money and RFR, we’re pretty sure everyone will be happy at the end of the season. We’ve got a lot of excitement in store this season!

New TOS and Privacy Policy

We have a new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You have to agree to these before you can earn points in Season 4 or participate in Hype Week.

Trivia Bot

If you want to earn some extra RFR during Hype Week, head to Telegram and try out your Fortnite knowledge! Because the Trivia Bot is going to be All Fortnite All Week! So study your Fortnite Trivia and hang out in Telegram. The first Fortnite Trivia game will be kicking off at the same time as Season 4 and Hype Week, May 1 at 7pm PDT.

Season 4 Ending

Season 4 will end on June 15, 2018 at 6:59 pm PDT.

Okay, so that about covers it. Season 3 will end today at 6:59 pm PDT, and prizes will be awarded shortly after. Make sure you get your ETH address set ASAP so you can get paid!

Get hyped!