Road to Refereum

Road to Refereum

We believe blockchain is the perfect complement to our solution, which solves the problems we’ve been seeing in the game industry.

Most of us in the Refereum team have been working in the video game industry for over 10 years and continually encounter the same problems. We’ve been working out how to solve these issues for years and we’re excited to finally unveil our solution. Refereum is the answer to many of the video game industry’s current problems.

Visibility is one of the main issues game developers face. Without massive marketing budgets, it’s hard to get noticed in the flood of new games released each day. We have grown sad seeing friends and coworkers release high-quality games that don’t receive the exposure they deserve. Refereum changes this by giving game developers a new avenue to market their game — without requiring massive budgets and having middlemen take large cuts of their profits. We want to enable greater control for developers, moving past outdated advertising norms.

The video game streamers we work with also consistently note how difficult it is to survive in a sea of other streamers. Most receive little or no monetary reward. Refereum makes it easy for streamers to start earning money — even those with small, still-growing audiences.

Refereum also providers gamers with rewards and incentives for playing and sharing games they love. It’s a longtime dream for many gamers to make money playing games, and Refereum finally provides an opportunity to make that dream a reality. Whether it’s by beating a high score, telling friends about a game, or giving feedback to a developer, players can now turn their hobby into a revenue stream.

We’re completely re-imagining video game marketing and engagement so that players, influencers, and developers can all benefit from working together without the need for middlemen.

We realized that the game industry’s issues are systemic and growing worse. We wanted to solve them, and we’ve been working to figure out. Now, with the power of blockchain and Refereum, we have a solution.

We’re eager to bring blockchain to the mainstream through video games and this gamer and technical focused consumer base and we’re glad to have you join us on the journey. The Refereum pre-sale is on now: contact us for more details.