RFR - earning Refereum

RFR - earning Refereum

There are countless ways to earn Refereum whether you’re an influencer or player. These different ways fall into three main categories:


Influencers earn Refereum just by playing games. Whether they have only a handful of viewers or millions, influencers are rewarded for every hour they spend playing a game that’s listed on the Refereum platform. Once an influencer connects to the Award.Network they see a list of games and are automatically rewarded for streaming these games. The Award.Network monitors their activity and keeps track of how long they play for and how many people are watching. This is one of the easiest ways to get started earning Refereum and will be one of the first features we implement.


Whether you’re an influencer with thousands of followers or just someone that loves to tell people about the latest and greatest games, you can earn Refereum. With the rise of social networks everyone’s an influencer of at least a small group of people. Refereum keeps track of these networks and rewards anyone who influences another person into buying a game. Game developers can directly reward the influencers themselves for sharing their game without the need for complex systems or middlemen taking their cut. The reward goes directly from the game developer to the influencer via the blockchain.


Refereum allows players to earn Refereum just by playing their favorite games. Game developers can list bounties on the Award.Network and anyone who meets these requirements can earn Refereum. Whether it’s scoring a high score on the daily leaderboards, reaching a certain level or playing with friends, players are directly rewarded for engaging in various games.

These are just three of the ways players can earn Refereum. In time we will be adding more and we’d love to hear your feedback on these three categories as well as others ways we could reward the gaming community.