Refereum's three pillars

Refereum's three pillars

When talking about Refereum we often speak about the three pillars that lay the foundation of the platform. These pillars are the three communities in the game industry that we are bringing together so everyone in the video game industry can thrive.


With Refereum, players are directly rewarded for playing and watching the games they love. Players can earn Refereum by watching streams and playing their favorite games. Rather than middlemen receiving large cuts of the marketing spend, players are directly rewarded. Players are always talking to their friends about games and this word-of-mouth is one of the best ways for games to grow. Refereum encourages this top type of referral marketing by rewarding players for it. As an added benefit, Refereum is a great way of introducing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream through video games and technical consumers such as gamers.


Our second is helping influencers make a living from streaming. Currently, it’s extremely tough to make money, let alone a living off streaming. Many streamers have a reasonable sized following but they aren’t able to generate the income they deserve, Refereum changes that. Streamers of any size will be able to earn Refereum by streaming games. As streamers, and their influence, grow they will be able to earn even more Refereum. The platform caters to all levels of streamers from those starting out to success streamers with existing huge fanbases. By providing another source of income we will help grow the streaming community.


Our team has a background in game development and we’ve experienced the pain first hand of releasing games in the current market. With so many high quality games released every day it’s difficult for game developers to be noticed. Refereum lets game developers work directly with streamers and players to get the word out about their game without a huge marketing budget and paying middlemen. Game developers can work with any streamer or gamer on the entire Refereum platform no matter which country the game developer, streamer or gamer reside in. This allows developers the opportunity to reach audiences currently out of their reach.

These three pillars lay the foundation for the Refereum platform and we’re excited to work with each of these groups as the platform grows. Drop us a line with which pillar you represent and what pain points you’re experiencing. Also contact us if you’d like to get in on the Refereum pre-sale.