Refereum updatetopia

Refereum updatetopia

We know it’s hard keeping up with the fast moving news and trends. It’s extra chaotic in Refereum’s 100,000 person Telegram group and we empathize that someone could miss an email update during a hectic day. While this information has been broadcasted on multiple channels, we’ve assembled the main points to make it easier to get caught up:


Refereum has grown to be one of the largest blockchain projects ever. We’re forever dedicated to serving this community for the years to come. Some quick stats:

  • 250,000+ people are on the platform, a 50% growth from last week
  • 50,000+ hours of Fortnite have been streamed on Refereum
  • Our Telegram was the first ever to hit both 75k, and 100k max group sizes
  • Our Alexa site ranking usually sits in the top slots for upcoming projects
  • 100,000+ people applied to be on the whitelist / waitlist for access to our technology!

Avoid Scams

For any popular blockchain project, scams arise. We are literally the biggest target for scammers, so be on high alert. Lots of people want to profit from your excitement about Refereum, and it’s our biggest priority to make sure they fail. Here are some tips and good news:

  • Always check the domain, only and token.Refereum.comare the official websites.
  • In Telegram, it may look like Dylan, or other mods are messaging you for ETH, please understand nobody from the team or mods will ever message you for ETH over Telegram for any reason. Ask in main chat if it’s legit. Remember that any real admin will have the “admin” tag on their messages in the Refereum group. If an admin is reaching out to you privately, copy their username, go to the main chat and @ mention them. If the real admin is around (which they would be, if they were messaging you), they will respond.
  • We will also never send you an ETH address in an email. So if you EVER get an email asking you to send ETH, check with an admin on Telegram, or email Please DM an admin directly, because the scammers might be lurking in the public group.
  • Our team is working around the clock to protect you from scams. We broadcast on all social channels 24/7 to avoid new scams when we find them and work closely and respond quickly to inquiries.
  • If you find a false website impersonating Refereum in Google — please email us and report the website here.

PLEASE Do not contact Refereum individuals

Team members, advisors, mentors, customers etc. on this project have been getting an unreasonable amount of requests for details. This affects our productivity and our external business relationships. Our support team works hard to bring you prompt responses around the clock. Since this has turned into such an issue, if you are reaching out to individuals or our advisors about details, you may be banned from the platform.

We have 100k+ people on the whitelist and waitlist, so there is nothing we’ll be able to do for you in private messages. But everyone who is active on (and has entered their ETH address) will get tokens, so sign up and earn points!

Please use for your inquiries and we will respond quickly, usually less than 24 hours! Please be patient and understand we are experiencing an unprecedented amount (thousands of emails a day) of inbound.

Fill out the survey here

Your surveys

We’ve loved reading your surveys and learning how you would apply our technology to your games or marketing funnels. We are still working through them at this time to allow pre-sale with all strict details. Here’s some of our favorites so far.

What’s your favorite thing about Refereum?

“It gives developers more chance to make better quality games. The idea to have sale triggers after boss kills etc is just mind blowing!”
“It’s an easy, cost-effective system to support the gaming industry, especially new streamers and game developers. Everyone gets to love Refereum!”
“My favorite thing about Refereum is the team and their commitment to bringing the [blockchain] world to the gaming community to give gamers and content creators a chance to make money doing something they love. This is truly a one of a kind opportunity!”
“Making gaming (my dream job) a reality.”
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Go earn points!

As you can see from the numbers above, not everyone who submits interest will be able to first take part in the platform or our enterprise products or service. Rest assured, we are forever driven to serve the community. We have even begun hiring from within our groups, bringing mods on all full time employees. No matter what, the best way to participate and get Refereum rewards is earning points on GO EARN POINTS! :)

What a ride!

Thanks so much,
- The Refereum Team