Refereum biweekly update: 9/28

Refereum biweekly update: 9/28

Hi there! It’s been two weeks and we can’t wait any longer to share all of the amazing things we’ve been up to. Ready? Ok, let’s get right into the update.

Hype Week 6 is Complete! 89k hours watched and, of course, tons of BLOOOOOD

Even though it just hit early access many of you bought and streamed Dying Light: Bad Blood. Together the community came together resulting in more than 89K hours of Dying Light: Bad Blood watched. Keep in mind, Refereum streamers accounted for the lion’s share of activity on! We’re always BLOWN AWAY by your support, but this time you all really outdid yourselves. Some of you took it upon yourselves to produce your own Hype Week retrospective video (below, caution strong language):

Props to DLCoates and Spooky for putting together this video!

Let’s give a hand to everyone who participated in Hype Week 6, especially the top 30.

Peter Parker has nothing on our gamers

Remember that Spider-Man themed quest we announced a couple weeks ago? Despite having less than two weeks, we counted more than 20k social quests and 5,800 hours watched. We will continue to experiment with new quest types in the near future. As always, we build these experiences for you, so let us know what you want to see in Discord or Twitter.

My spidey sense is tingling — oh look, bonus refereum quests!

Can’t stop, Won’t Stop: Growth Engine success continues

Results from our first Growth Engine customers show that the GE has been extremely successful in converting website visitors into active community members.

This chart shows the visitor to active community member conversion rate was 9.5%.

To put the chart above into context, the Refereum Growth Engine conversion rate (9.5%) is 10x better than conversion rate for Google banner ads (0.87%) and 3.5x better than conversion rate for Google search engine ads (2.70%).

Given these results, it’s not surprising that our customers are happy with Refereum’s performance. In fact, Coral Protocol wrote a blog post, “Big Growth Updates at Coral Protocol”, that described the early success they achieved with our help.

“Big Growth Updates at Coral Protocol”

Refereum on the road: planes, trains, and automobiles

Earlier this month we arranged an envoy out to our engineering team in Australia to lay the foundation for the future of our platform. Over the course of two weeks, we discussed and debated the future of Refereum. We made tremendous headway and the first fruits of our labor; a new homepage! On his way back Dylan made time to speak at the Blockchain Game Summit in Lyon, France.

Our fearless leader on stage @ Blockchain Game Summit

We are keeping busy. With SF Blockchain Week right around the corner, Devcon IV right after, and the World Blockchain Forum after that, Q4 is an excellent opportunity for us to spread the impressive results of Refereum and our Growth Engine.

As always, these updates are for you. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback, suggestions, or just to chat. You can reach me on email ( or Discord (korneelyus).