Refereum biweekly update: 11/8 (with video update)

Refereum biweekly update: 11/8 (with video update)

Time flies. Let’s get right into the update!

It's that time again!! Dylan Jones (founder) hits all of the highlights from the last two weeks including Season 7 updates, new Growth Engine features, and introduces a brand new Refereum team member. Watch it now and read the complete update on our official blog: #Refereum #BiweeklyUpdate

Feature Release: New Social Actions available on the Growth Engine

We teased these during the last biweekly update — we’re happy to announce that Instagram and YouTube have moved from testing into production and are live on our customer’s Growth Engines. Our customers have been asking us to help them connect and grow their communities on more and more platforms. We are working closely with them to iterate on and improve the Growth Engine’s core feature set.

You can check out the YouTube and Instagram Actions live on Bravo and EMX by clicking on the actions below:

New Game Quests are a key part of Season 7

You may have noticed that we rolled out a handful of new quests this week with bonus points. There was one thing that all of these quests shared in common….*buzt* time’s up. That’s right, it’s Red Dead Redemption 2!

We will be rolling out bonus quests to help you make your way to the top of the leaderboard this season. The first set of these involves the latest game releases. These quests provide double points for both streaming and viewing!

In addition to quests for new releases, we have revamped the daily video quest with all new content. Gone are the days of watching the same video; expect fresh content every single day!

We want to hear from you, so please let us know what games you’re most excited about and just maybe we’ll feature them as part of Season 7. Remember you can always reach us on Discord, Telegram, and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Dylan Jones (Founder) and Sloane Earl (Head of Partnerships) @ TwitchCon 2018

TwitchCon 2018

With TwitchCon 2018 right in our backyard, we took the crew down to see what all the fuss was about. We met with a number of different developers, streamers, and future partners.

We’re bursting at the seams, but we have to keep it under wraps for now. We will be announcing a number of exciting new gaming partners before the end of the year.

Officially official, Pablo Santana joins Refereum as our Senior Customer Success Manager

With a growing set of customers for our Growth Engine, we knew we needed to step up our customer success game and that’s why we grabbed one of the best in business. In his previous role, Pablo wore many hats, one of which was to define and scale a customer success program that delivered top-notch support and expertise to enterprise clients. Being a creative, he prides himself on thinking outside of the box to formulate ideas that help drive the business forward.

We are beyond excited to have him join the Refereum team here in San Francisco.

As always, these updates are for you. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback, suggestions, or just to chat. You can reach me on email ( or discord (korneelyus).