Pandemic Express is Refereum’s first partnered game!

Pandemic Express is Refereum’s first partnered game!

Buckle up questers, because we’ve got BUCKETS of news for you today.

Today tinyBuild’s new zombie multiplayer shooter, Pandemic Express, comes out! In a map of 30 players, one is randomly infected and must infect all the others before they escape on a train. If you’re unfortunate enough to become the infected one, your goal changes — and you must now work with your new zombie buddies to infect everyone else!Elite (the top player!)
$150 USD of Steam credit + 10 Pandemic Express keys to give away to your friends and followers!Diamond (places 2–5)
$50 USD of Steam credit + 5 Pandemic Express keysGold (places 6–25)
3 Pandemic Express keysSilver (places 26–50)
2 Pandemic Express keys

We predict that Pandemic Express will be HUGE in the streaming community, so our prizes include a bunch of keys for you to give away to friends and followers, as well as Steam gift cards for the top five players!

We’ve been looking forward to Pandemic Express for a long time, and not just because it looks heckin’ awesome. You see, tinyBuild also happens to be our first partner on the new — and we’re celebrating by debuting Refereum’s first launch-day hub, with tons of keys and even some Steam credit to give away! Get on over to the Pandemic Express hub to learn more about this gorgeous game and earn some sweet rewards while you’re at it.

And if that’s not enough, we’re also bringing the Refereum team’s Twitchaccount out of hibernation. That’s right — we’ll be streaming TONIGHT, May 2, for an hour starting at 5pm PST! Join our partnerships manager Sloane on her first jaunt through Pandemic Express. For this streaming event, we’ll be making a streaming quest (with a VERY high points award!) available for a limited period of time on the Refereum hub, so take this opportunity to earn those extra points towards your Refereum progress. We will also be giving away some Pandemic Express keys on-stream!

You may recognize tinyBuild as the publisher behind games such as Hello Neighbor, Party Hard, and Punch Club — so we’re utterly stoked to now have Pandemic Express on our platform. As you know, we built Refereum for YOU, the gamers. Your participation and engagement will really help us attract even more awesome developers to Refereum, so we’re really looking forward to having you join us on our stream!

See you online ❤