As founder and CEO of Refereum, Dylan Jones is the creator and overall keeper of the company’s vision to reward gamers for their passion: playing games.

When asked to describe his day-to-day work, Dylan says, “My job is to remove blockers that keep others on the team from being their most successful. Sometimes that's as mundane as answering an email; other times, it’s traveling the world debating trends in the video game and blockchain industries. I also try to create a company culture that swings between idea inclusion and focus.”

Before Refereum, Dylan held a number of jobs across the gaming industry. By day he was a game designer at Kixeye, working on the top-grossing online game series War Commander. A lifelong gamer himself, Dylan describes War Commander’s entry on Facebook as having a “legendarily engaged” community — just one example of the gaming communities that Dylan has helped to grow.

He also did some work for game development software giant Unity: on the Analytics team he helped conceptualize products to assist game developers, and he also created and grew the world’s largest monthly Unity developer meetup. On top of it all, he co-founded and managed Gamenest, a popular independent game developer coworking space in the heart of his hometown, San Francisco. Games developed at Gamenest include award-winning titles, from Gorogoa to Where the Water Tastes Like Wine.

Dylan playing Killer Queen with Refereum CTO Alistair Doulin

With Refereum having concluded its first year of business with over one million users already, Dylan is immensely proud of the company’s success. “I ooze pride for the incredible team we've created to support Refereum and its mission to reward gamers,” he says. “Not a lot of teams can survive, let alone prosper, being on the forefront of such an emerging and rapidly evolving industry like blockchain.”

“We've also had the chance to work with some of the biggest titles in video games, which keeps the 13-year-old fan inside me very happy.”

Dylan always loves to hear from the community, so if you’ve got any suggestions for how Refereum can be an even better place for gamers, you can get in touch with him on Twitter @tDJ.