I’m excited to tell you about some team growth at Refereum. We’ve brought a number of new staff members onboard, and we’re excited at the high level of talent and experience that they bring to us. Rather than list every new hire here, I’m going to focus on a few new department heads for now, and let them announce the others soon.

Finance Team

Cheng Wang (VP-Finance)

Cheng Wang thinking of “the goood old days”.

Born and raised in New York City’s Lower East Side, Cheng Wang moved out to the “best” coast in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. He spent 8 years in NYC working through several of New York’s investment banks in controllership and risk analytics roles; his last notable stop was at Goldman Sachs.

He made his foray into Tech and Gaming at a SF startup in 2014, where he served as the CFO and Operations lead for 4 years. He’s also proud, justifiably, of being the first consistent stream personality and public touch-point for Battle Camp.

Product Team

Jeanette Suh (Head of Product)

Jeanette firmly believes that this throne is hers.

Jeanette Suh joined us as the Head of Product a couple months ago, though she’s been working with us since before the token sale. Jeanette brings almost 10 years of experience in tech and is an expert on the best tools, practices, and products for advertising, consumer products, B2B solutions, and growth. Most recently, Jeanette was at Expedia, where she worked on the travel app that has grossed billions of dollars.

Jeanette now brings her experience and product knowledge to helping build Refereum products, including the Growth Engine. She looks forward to working with gamers and industry partners to bring world class crypto, community, and gaming experiences.

Community Team

Philippe Beaudette (Head of Community)

Philippe being all “formal”. He’s quick to point out that this photo is years old, but it’s the one he likes. Photo copyright Myleen Hollero / Wikimedia Foundation (CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Philippe Beaudette has just joined us to head up our community team, and comes to us with nearly 20 years experience in online communities. He’s led community for some of the largest and best known brands on the internet, including as Director of Community Advocacy (User:Philippe) for the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia; as Director of Community (u/AchievementUnlockd) at reddit; and as Head of Online Community for Atlassian Software.

His team will focus on Community and Streamer Relations, Trust & Safety, and Support. Kenzi, our beloved Discord mascot, will continue his work in streamer relations and community management, reporting to Philippe. Philippe has more staff hires to announce as he grows his team; stay tuned.

With these three highly qualified additions to our staff, we’re excited about the future of Refereum. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!