We’re going to use this space in the coming weeks and months to give you updates about Refereum’s product, gaming partnerships, and opportunities to earn points and tokens. This will evolve over time and with your feedback, so let us know what you think on Discord or Twitter.

Refereum’s Season Four is over, and THANK YOU for participating! We’ve worked hard to update our payout systems, and this cycle of token payout was audited and paid within a week. We’re close to finishing an automated platform that will catch fraud and cheaters in realtime, so we’ll only get better from here.

By the same token, we’re tracking Season Three payouts. We were interesting to see whether they’re being held or used, and they’re being held at the highest rate we’ve seen thus far - 3.5% of RFR payouts from that season are on exchanges. Thank you for holding!

As a part of season four, the Refereum community had its first (and best!) Hype Week. We learned a couple lessons from it and the next one is already headed your way Soon™. Also, to help get new community members up to speed, we put in some work on the homepage. If you’re new here, welcome!

Update from the CEO

Refereum CEO Dylan Jones took three minutes off from being our fearless leader to catalog a Tuesday morning at the Refereum office:

What’s upcoming!

A lot that we can’t talk about! We’ll be back in this space next week with a HUGE announcement about a AAA title for Hype Week. Sloane, Refereum’s director of business development and Dylan’s video co-star, wrapped up a big deal this week and has more in the pipeline. Thanks to her visit to E3 last week, there are partnerships brewing with Big Game Studios and their MMOs.

Season five starts soon! Our plan (Soon™) is to expand how and when you can earn rewards while maintaining the “Season” system. Specifics are being hammered out, but you’ll know as soon as they’re finalized.

Check us out Discord, Twitter, and reddit. We’ll see you on the internet!