As Refereum’s co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Alistair Doulin is responsible for the software that forms the backbone of the Refereum platform. In Refereum’s early days, he coded everything by himself; now he manages a team of developers, while working cross-functionally within the company to help guide the shape of Refereum’s features.

Alistair (right), in San Francisco with Refereum CEO Dylan Jones

As a lifelong gamer himself, Refereum’s users are at the forefront of Alistair’s mind when working on Refereum products. He says, “I spend a lot of time talking with our users about their needs, figuring out how to best build working software to solve their problems.”

Alistair has over 15 years of experience in game and software development with one of his most notable roles being a senior programmer on Battlestar Galactica for Xbox 360 and PC. His long-running professional relationship with Refereum CEO Dylan Jones was first established nearly a decade ago; both worked on indie strategy game Battle Group 2, with Alistair leading the development team.

The duo had been working together on another game, Hyper Fleet, when they came up with the idea for Refereum. Deciding that they both wanted to help other game developers, they eventually abandoned Hyper Fleet altogether in 2017 to work on Refereum full time.

Alistair with Chris Hampson, Refereum's Head of Engineering

Refereum has since grown into a juggernaut of a crypto company, with Alistair working on multiple Refereum features at any given time. His motivation is still firmly embedded in gaming, however. “I’m proud of introducing gamers to blockchain technology through my work at Refereum,” he says, “and for being able to reward gamers for streaming, watching, and playing games.”

Al is always happy to hear from the gamers who use the products he’s made; if you have suggestions for Refereum or simply want to ask his thoughts on games, you’ll find Al on Twitter @doolwind and on the Refereum Discord as Doolwind#9999.