Hey questers! We’re super excited to announce a new Featured Game on Refereum.com this week, and it’s one of the most popular games out there: Fortnite Battle Royale!

Just like our first Featured Game, Apex Legends, the Fortnite hub will offer special rewards, including CASH!

Elite (the top player!)
$100 USD and 15,000 RFRDiamond (places 2–5)
$25 USD and 10,000 RFRGold (places 6–50)
5,000 RFR

Unlike our other campaigns, The Fortnite hub will only be around for two weeks — so start questing ASAP to get yourself in the running for one of these prizes!

Fortnite players standing atop the pile of cash they’ll earn through Refereum.com!

Longtime Refereum members may remember our Fortnite feature from back in early 2018. During Season 2, increased rewards for watching and streaming Fortnite pulled in over 120,000 new players, with 1145 of them being first-time Fortnite streamers. We were stoked to have a hand in strengthening the community for one of our favorite games — let’s see if we can help it grow even further this time around!

We’ve had a ball watching you all compete on the new Refereum platform and seeing the excitement around our current Featured Apex Legends and D Richhubs. We are building Refereum for you, the gamers, so hop into Discord or shoot us an email and let us know if there’s a particular game you want to see on Refereum.com — your request just may make it onto the site ;)